At Talmage, we have been investing in commercial real estate debt alongside our clients since 2003. During this time, we have made over $10 billion of investments, including CMBS, whole loans, mezzanine loans, B-notes, CDOs and bank debt. Prior to forming Talmage, our professionals had longstanding careers and helped develop the real estate debt investment platforms at firms such as Capital Trust and G. Soros Realty.

We are currently managing the following vehicles:


We have raised and are currently managing the most recent of four private equity style closed-end funds with capital invested exclusively in commercial real estate debt.



We are the sub-advisor to the RiverPark Commercial Real Estate Fund (“RCRIX”) which is a continuously offered, non-diversified, closed-end management investment company launched in October 2016 and commonly referred to as an “Interval Fund.” RCRIX invests primarily in CMBS. To visit the Riverpark Commercial Real Estate Fund web page, please click here.


We manage open-ended accounts that offer investors access to specific asset classes within the commercial real estate debt universe and that provide investors with liquidity.


We manage various highly customized separate accounts to accomplish specific client objectives from high-yield to highly-defensive strategies. Examples range from CMBS strategies targeting specific tranches to high-grade institutional mezzanine debt strategies.


We are an active investor in the $600 billion U.S. CMBS market. Our team is active in all aspects of the market, including primary and secondary trading, 'AAA' through "credit" securities, and fixed-rate and floating-rate bonds. 


We have structured, managed and placed four commercial real estate CDOs totaling over $2 billion. We are an approved CRE CDO manager and are able to assume the management of “broken” CDOs on behalf of the senior creditors.